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Custom Photography


Your choice to have a custom photography session will be an incredible and memorable  decision. The moments captured will last a life time and you will continuously live the emotions you had when your little miracle happened.


Preparing for a session takes a significant amount of time before and after  , from preparing the sets , choosing the baby clothes that will best fit your newborn, and afterwards  adding the creativity and design to your photos by editing them .


 You will enjoy every picture I create and you will be excited to share with your loved ones.  Each photo will represent life , colour and joy.


Although the investment in props , photography equipment and time is significant  , my vision was that if I'm going to capture the most precious moments for my clients , I will make sure that I invest not only in the best equipment but also give all my time to make sure that the photo I create makes  you proud and sometimes may even bring tears of joy. 


I continue to improve and invest in education to make sure that i can deliver the best photos in the market . My goal is to make you and your family happy with the results. 

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