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Congratulations on your new baby ! Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to photograph your sweet litle one in his/her first few days of life. Newborn photography is my passion and I consider myselft truly blessed to work with these little miracles so often.



My Studio is located at :

Laval , H7P 4N2


Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 5.51.40 PM.png

How to prepare

the morning of the session

Please keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before you leave. While this can be challenge - I cannot stress how important this is to ensure those squisky, sleepy newborn pictures. Try undressing baby, giving him/her a bath, tickling toes, or even allow for a bit of fussing (no pacifiers)


After the 1-2 hours has pased, dress baby in either button or zip-up jammies with no onesie or socks. I don't want to have to pull anything over baby's head while I'm getting him/her undressed. Also, do not put socks on, as these can leave pressure marks on baby's ankles


One baby is dressed, it's time to eat! Allow pleanty of time for feeing - we want baby nice and full!


Buckle baby in the car seat and let him/her snooze all the way to the studio


Once you arive, please bring baby inside in his/her car seat. Once we are inside the studio, I will take baby from his/her car seat and get right to work!

what to bring

Lot of extrra diapers (more than you would for a typical outing)


Extra wipes 


Any drinks/food you'd like to munch on during your session. We will go right through lunch time (bottled water is provided).


If you have one, please bring the "soothie pacider" - the one the hospital sent you home with. It's the bendable, green/blue/orangish one, and won't leave pressure marks around the baby's lips. Even if you have yet to use a pacifier or if baby doesn't take one for you, please bring it along as it really can be a very useful tool while i'm possing him/her.

what to expect

Newborn sessions last around 4 hours, sometimes longer if baby is a light sleeper. During the session, if baby is not wanting to go back to sleep, I will have you feed him/her to get them nice and sleepy again. If you are on a strict feeding schedule, I ask taht you ignore that just for the few hours that you are in studio; A full baby is a sleepy baby ! 


The studio will be between 80-90 degrees so please come dressed for a warm few hours! 


One we get started with the session, I take a very hands on approach with the baby, you are welcome to kick back, relax and watch the show ! Baby will be with me other than during feeding times.


Cable television and wifi are available. Feel free to bring a laptop or ipad if like to help pass the time.

What to expect

for dad & mom

You are welcome to be part of the show ! Photographing the connection between you and your baby is one of my all time favorite things. Just as the encourage in the hospital, skin-to-skin contact creates timeless, beautiful images that shows just how tiny your baby was at just days old. Rest assured, my goal is to photograph flattering angles to document the naturel beauty in your family.



If you prefer not be shirtless, I ask that you bring a tight fitting, black or dark grey Hanes beefy t-shirt to wear with a good pair of jeans.



I ask that you bring either a tan or black sleeveless cami or strapless top. Keep colors neutral and solid. I also have simple wrap available for use. Please, no nail polish, as your hands will make their way into the images.


for siblings

Including older brother/sister(s) in your newborn's portraits is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives..


big sister

I provide a wrap that will act as the perfect top, or pleae bring along a snug fitting tank in a neutral color. I ask that girl's hair be natural and free of bows, headbands, etc. Just as with mom, no nail polish please.


big brother

A snug pair of jeans and shirtless is preferred, please take a few moments to chat with your guy about this so he feels prepared for the sessions - though if he prefers not, a tight-fitting beife t-shirt is fine.




*Please Note

If baby's sibling is on the younger side, I strongly recommend having another adult

(grandma/auntie/friend) whi can take him/her out of the studio for the time they are not bbeing photographed. The session is lengthy and it asking too much for little ones to be patient. 


a few additional thoughts

This session will go right through lunchtime. Please feel free to bring any snacks/meals to munch on during your time at the studio. There is a mini fridge stocked with cold water as well. 


It is my hope that you come to the studio feeling comfortable and at home. Your session should be a time to kick back and take a much-needed break. I am truly honored to be able to document this incredible time in your lives and look forward to getting to know you and your sweet baby ! 


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call or text me at 954-240-2001

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